The /graph command is a sophisticated feature within the Inverse Flaskbot toolkit, designed to make GraphQL data fetching intuitive and accessible for the Inverse Finance DAO community. Unlike traditional GraphQL queries that require specific syntax, the /graph command understands natural language queries. This functionality allows users to request complex data sets from subgraphs without needing detailed knowledge of GraphQL query structure, significantly simplifying data access for community members.

How to Use

Fetching data with the /graph command is straightforward and user-friendly:

  1. Invoke the Command: Type /graph followed by your query in natural language in any Discord channel where the Inverse Flaskbot is active. Clearly state what data you are looking for in a concise manner. Example : /graph Show me the total value locked in Inverse Finance

  2. Bot Processes Your Query: The Flaskbot interprets your natural language query, formulates a corresponding GraphQL query, and fetches the requested data from the appropriate subgraph.

  3. Receive Your Data: The bot will reply with the data you requested, presented in a clear and concise format directly in the Discord chat.

  4. Refine Your Query if Necessary: If the initial response doesn't fully satisfy your request, you can refine your query with additional details or keywords and repeat the proc

This approach to data fetching not only democratizes access to complex data sets but also enhances the overall user experience by allowing more intuitive interaction with the Inverse Flaskbot. By catering to natural language queries, the /graph command ensures that even users without technical backgrounds can effectively engage with and benefit from the wealth of data available through the DAO's subgraphs.

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