The /data command is an innovative feature of the Inverse Flaskbot designed to provide the Inverse Finance DAO community with direct access to a wealth of financial data and insights. By leveraging advanced AI agents, this command queries our extensive databases to fetch precise information, analytics, and insights, thereby supporting data-driven decision-making within the DAO.

How to Use

To utilize the /data command effectively, follow these steps:

  1. Invoke the Command: Type /data followed by your specific query in any Discord channel where the Inverse Flaskbot is active. Ensure your query is clear and concise to facilitate accurate data retrieval.

  2. Wait for the Bot's Response: The Flaskbot processes your query using AI agents and returns the requested data directly in the chat. The response will include key insights and information relevant to your query, formatted for easy comprehension.

  3. Refine Your Query if Needed: If the initial response doesn't fully meet your needs, consider refining your query with additional details or keywords and repeat the process.


  • User: /data current liquidity of DOLA in DeFi protocols

  • Bot Response: "The current liquidity of DOLA across DeFi protocols is approximately $X,XXX,XXX. For more detailed breakdowns, please refer to [link]."

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